TV Measurement & Optimization Built
For Life Sciences

The only TV tracking solution that enables you to:

        Prioritize Ad Placement Based on How Your Patients Watch TV

Quantify & benchmark the impact of your TV campaigns

Prioritize Ad Placement Based on How Your Patients Watch TV

Verified Patients

Across Linear TV & OTT

Using Real-Time Behavior

Learn where and when the patients you care about watch TV

Understand your target patients’ go-to linear TV channels and OTT platforms

Cut through ambiguity with real-time viewing behavior and ad exposure​

Quantify & Benchmark The Impact Of Your TV Campaigns​

Go beyond impressions and measure whether your campaign is truly breaking through ​

Link patient-level ad exposure to brand awareness, perceptions, and digital browsing behavior​

Benchmark your campaign’s performance against in-market competitors and industry analogs​

How It Works

Get The Patients 

You Care About

ZoomRx builds a panel of verified patients for your campaign’s target indication​

​​Understand Their Viewing Habits

Our patent-pending technology captures patient’s real-time viewing behavior and ad exposure across linear TV and OTT platforms​

Measure The Impact of Your Campaigns​​

We leverage deep market research expertise to quantify the impact of ad exposure on message recall, brand awareness, perceptions, and more

Capture Multi-Screen Activity

Our platform captures patients’ online browsing behavior, enabling direct measurement of TV to digital conversions​

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